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Wholesale/Distributor Information


Risingsun Iodine Products Corp offers wholesale pricing and distributorship of our iodine supplements. If you are a health practitioner, health food store or distributor of dietary, nutritional or herbal supplements Risingsun Iodine products will be of interest to you. Our iodine supplements are of the highest quality and purity. The labels for all of our products are submitted to the FDA for review to ensure compliance. Our iodine products have independent COA's performed on each batch of iodine supplements produced to ensure, quality, purity, identity, strength and composition as required by the FDA under GMP compliance.

Wholesale/Distributor Pricing

Risingsun Iodine Products Corp provides the best pricing for wholesalers and distributors, depending on volume discounts can be as much as 60%. If interested on adding quality iodine supplements to your inventory, call us at 406-333-3141.

‚ÄčCOA's Available

‚ÄčCertificate of Analysis

COA's are essential to ensure the quality, purity, identity, strength and composition of supplements. Risingsun Iodine Products Corp has qualified independent labs perform COA's iodine and potassium iodide crystals. COA's are also performed on each batch of iodine supplements products too. Copy's of COA's are provided with each order shipped to wholesalers and distributors. If you have any questions feel free to call Risingsun Iodine Products at 406-333-3141

Labeling FREE private labeling

Risingsun Iodine Products Corp is the only supplement manufacturer that offers private labeling of its iodine supplements. Private labeling ensures repeat customers for products. If you are interested in our private labeling program contact Risingsun Iodine Products at 406-333-3141